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Our team members’ expertise across disciplines and sectors is your ace card. Our core team is made up of awesome people (we do say so ourselves) who have proved themselves in their fields, and we constantly partner with other creatives blazing trails.

Asterism Communications Team, Adebola Falade (Rayo)

Rayo is a Creative Director, and Administrator who ensures things get done excellently and on time.

Asterism Communications Team, Tobechukwu Eze, Tochi

Tochi is a Writer, Editor, and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Florida Atlantic University.

Asterism Communications Team, Jemima Ugen, Jamie

Jamie is a Writer, Product Designer, and Digital Media Expert. She also makes music.

Asterism Communications Team, Michael Tommy, MichaEL Light

MichaEL is a Design Expert, Illustrator, and our Resident Techie.

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